~ Specializing in sound*  sound that is guaranteed to conjure its intended affect

- Custom Music

- Custom Sound Design

- Audio Production for Film, TV, Album, Podcast

- Audio Restoration and Enhancement 

- Mix and Mastering  ("Mastered For iTunes" and "LEQA Broadcast Standards for film and TV")

- Affective Sound  (For Meditation, Yogic Practices, Therapy, and just about any emotional state you could imagine)

- Custom one-of-a-kind therapeutic audio created for your specific needs: 


Affective Audio offers the finest individual and group sound sessions. We have over 15+ years of obsessively honed expertise, to offer the best of both the arts and science of sound.

Sound therapy services, music as medicine, can be held at your choice of locations, including our vortex of energy in the penthouse at Venice Beach California's most pinnacle zone:


Rates and booking: info@affectiveaudio.org