The most advanced and affective aid for meditation and deep conscious relaxation. This app utilizes progressive techniques in psychoacoustics, frequency response, binaural beats, other forms of entrainment, as well as primordial and sacred sounds. Many years of extensive study and testing have honed its quality and effectiveness. 'Resonate is not the most common or cheapest meditation app, but it is the best'.

 'Resonate' is a sound guided meditation and potent aid for conscious relaxation, ideal for those who have trouble meditating. By simply listening, your mind, body, and spirit will be journeyed into cycles of deep relaxation and meditation, both naturally and impulsively. ‘Resonate' is a very powerful and effective sound-only (no words) guided audio. The preview on iTunes is not a good representation of the meticulously regulated 20 minute piece. Don’t let it discourage you from experiencing the whole thing. This is not music! Be sure to use headphones/earbuds for full affect of entrainment. Just one complete listening experience will have a powerfully positive affect.


 'Being Beauty’, created in conjunction with Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations, renowned beauty philosopher, aromacologist, and botanicals expert. This 11minute enthralling piece is designed to literally make you feel and be more beautiful.


 'Wolf Medicine' is an empowering experiential narrative, expounded by Rebekah Vandenberg. Vandenberg's unique and experienced style of evoking a mood, paired with the captivating and visceral sounds of Affective Audio, is sure to get your heart pumping and imagination flowing. This piece is created from, and for, the animal force we all possess, yet rarely tap into.


 'Aquatic Pause' is vocal guide Rachael O'Meara, Google Inc. executive and author of ‘Pause’ (a book she released this year about harnessing the life-changing power of giving yourself a break), voyage to a place of peace and inner solace. Through this experiential narrative, you will be guided to a remote setting. The experience is designed to achieve effortless tranquility and put a 'pause' in your day.


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